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Common mechanical properties of seamless steel pipe

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Seamless steel pipe is the steel with hollow structure and seamless surface. It can be widely used in oil and gas transportation, mechanical components and some ring parts. There are a lot of materials for seamless steel pipes. So different material and product technology cause different mechanical properties. At the same time, different uses have different requirements for mechanical properties.

Common mechanical properties include elongation, tensile strength, yield strength and hardness. 

1.Hardness: The ability of seamless pipe to resist external object pressing into the surface. Generally speaking, hardness is related to the carbon content of the steel pipe material. The more carbon content, the harder of the pipe. Secondly it's also related to production process. The hardness of cold rolled pipe is higher than that of hot rolled pipe.

2.Elongation: It is related to the plasticity of steel pipe. The greater the elongation, the better the plasticity. Steel pipes with an elongation of more than 5% are generally referred to as plastic materials, while those with an elongation of less than 5% are referred to as brittle materials.

3.Tensile strength: The greatest ability of seamless steel pipe to resist destruction with external tension. It shows the breaking resistance of steel pipe. That is, once the maximum tensile force is sustained, the steel pipe will break rapidly

4.Yield strength: Yield strength is the yield point of seamless pipe with yield phenomenon. When the external force is higher than this yield strength, seamless pipe will have permanent deformation, if less than this, the pipe will be restored to its original appearance.

Our company can produce seamless steel pipe with specific mechanical properties according to customer's needs. At the same time, our company is equipped with sophisticated detection equipment, such as Tensile testing machine, Hardness tester, Mechanical tester, Chemical analysis instruments,Eddy current testing machine.


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