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Improve the life of seamless steel pipe piercing head

Views: 20     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-01-24      Origin: Site

Steel pipe production plays an important role in the national economy, and all countries in the world attach great importance to the development of steel pipe production technology. At present, the annual output of steel pipes in the world has exceeded 700,000 tons. In the consumption of steel materials in developed countries, the proportion of steel pipes accounts for about 6% to 1%.

Seamless steel tubes are mainly used in high temperature, high pressure, corrosion resistant environments or industrial sectors where high or important requirements are required. Although some pipelines and structural pipes have been partially replaced by welded pipes, but the cheap continuous casting billet is directly in seamless The production of seamless steel tubes will be promoted in the production of steel pipes.

The perforated head is one of the most consumed tools in the production of seamless steel tubes. During the perforation process, the plug directly contacts the inner wall of the high temperature tube blank, and is subjected to large axial, radial and tangential stresses. Due to the combination of high temperature and friction, the head is easily damaged and the surface of the tube blank is damaged. As a result, the surface quality of the finished pipe is poor, so increasing the life of the plug is one of the important factors to ensure high productivity and quality of the steel pipe.

The needle-to-key and aluminum-based heads are prone to produce M O O 3 white smoke (sublimation) when piercing through 1 2 0 0 C, which shortens the service life of the head and seriously pollutes the environment. In recent years, a variety of head recombination processes have been developed. The hollow head is made of 3C r ZW S V as a main body, and then a drill-based heat-resistant alloy is welded on the nose to form a composite composite head.

The production practice proves that the composite head has the advantages of long life, simple production, high productivity, low cost, good internal surface quality of the capillary tube, and the production of 1 ton bearing steel pipe using 3 C r 2 WSV head 4. 8 8 and using Compound head for 0.28.

So far, many achievements have been made in improving the life of the perforated head. In order to further improve the life of the head, it is necessary to focus on strengthening research in the future.


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