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Where are special seamless steel tubes and non-standard seamless steel tubes?

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Many seamless steel tube manufacturers require special materials for their parts, ordinary materials can not meet the performance standards, and specifications sometimes are not national standards. This is a headache for purchasers of parts manufacturers. Because the special material seamless steel pipe and non-standard seamless steel pipe market is very few spot, sometimes the raw material supply is very small, so it is not easy to find this special seamless steel pipe material.

Most of the mechanical parts produced by domestic seamless steel pipe manufacturers are made of 20 # steel, 45 # steel, 40 Cr steel and Q345B steel. Therefore, seamless steel pipes with the above materials are most common in the supply market and are easy to find in the spot market. In fact, there are hundreds of steel materials, and their mechanical properties are completely different. Some mechanical parts require special performance, so they must be produced and processed with corresponding steel. Except the seamless steel pipes of the four materials mentioned above, the stock of seamless steel pipes of other materials is very small. It is very difficult to have the seamless steel pipe market in Liaocheng, the seamless steel pipe production base. In this case, mainly customized.

Generally, it is the old rule to make steel pipes in seamless steel pipe factory. First, a 30% deposit is made to deliver the full amount. Sometimes because of the special material and specification of seamless steel tube, it is normal for seamless steel tube manufacturers to require orderers to place full orders or 80% orders. The reason is very simple. Considering that once they have made the seamless steel tube, they don't want the goods again, it's not an idle effort, and now it's very difficult for the industry to compete with low profits. If you can't make money, you have to make sure you can't pay for it. The price of seamless steel tubes with special materials and specifications is 300 to 3000 higher than that of common materials. The price of alloy steel is out of line.

In Liaocheng Seamless Steel Pipe Market, it is easy to customize seamless steel pipes of 10 #, 35 #, 27simn, 20crmnti, 20mn2, 20crmo, 42crmo, 45mn2, Q500, 10crmo910, 15crmo, 12cr1mov, 16mn, 37Mn5 and other special materials.  Delivery time usually varies from 7 to 40 days. Non-standard seamless steel pipe is also easy to customize. The starting order of cold-rolled seamless steel pipe and cold-drawn seamless steel pipe is more than 5 tons, and that of hot-rolled seamless steel pipe is more than 15 tons. 

The dimension tolerance of cold-drawn seamless steel pipe and cold-rolled seamless steel pipe produced by Changzhou Raymond seamless precision steel tube Co., Ltd. is less than 10 wires. The technology is very mature. It can greatly shorten the working hours, greatly reduce the processing cost, improve the production efficiency and increase the product profit in processing machinery accessories. Small caliber thick wall hot-rolled seamless steel pipe is hot-rolled with mandrel. The product tolerance is very small, which improves the material utilization rate for users and reduces the production cost.

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