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Construction machinery industry transformation and upgrading

Views:70     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-10-02      Origin:Site

The construction machinery industry plays an important role in China's equipment industry. It is the foundation of China's national economic development, an important guarantee for industrial upgrading and technological progress in various industries, and a concentrated expression of the country's comprehensive strength and technological level. In recent years, China's construction machinery industry has made great achievements in the transformation and upgrading: From 2006 to the present, China's construction machinery industry has grown at an average annual rate of more than 20%. In 2013, the proportion of industrial output to GDP reached 1.16%; The production and sales volume has both jumped to the top in the world, meeting nearly 90% of the domestic market demand; in 2014, 11 companies ranked among the “Top 50 Global Construction Machinery Manufacturers”, Xugong, Zoomlion, and Sany Heavy Industry. Three companies have also entered the top 10.

However, China's construction machinery industry also faces many problems in the transformation and upgrading, such as overcapacity. In the case of loaders, China's loader capacity is about 420,000 units per year, and global sales in 2014 were 167,000 units. Even if the world buys loaders made in China, it still has about 250,000 surplus capacity.

For example, the irrational industrial structure, China's construction machinery host enterprises have emerged a number of leading enterprises with scale and brand, but the domestic enterprises supporting them, although a large number, mostly lag behind, high-end hydraulic pumps, motors, Most of the key components such as reducers and high-end multi-way valves rely on imports.

There are still many shortcomings in the transformation and upgrading of China's construction machinery industry: First, there are many practical researches on the transformation and development of engineering machinery enterprises and industrial clusters, and the related theoretical basic research is relatively rare, and it is also scattered. Some important theories about enterprise transformation and upgrading, For example, organizational change theory, enterprise life cycle theory, global value chain theory, etc., have not yet been applied to the transformation and upgrading of the construction machinery industry. Second, the factors affecting the transformation and upgrading of the construction machinery industry are mainly concentrated on the research of financial leasing and agents, while the more important technical innovation problems are less and the research is not sufficient. In addition, research on other influencing factors is also very fragmented. Lack of systematic research. Third, there are many specific case studies on the transformation and upgrading of construction machinery enterprises, and some common conclusions are drawn through multiple case studies. These are the places that domestic scholars deserve attention and improvement in follow-up research.


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