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Difference Between Hot rolled steel tube and cold rolled steel tube

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In common condition, we can be divided into two kinds of clod drawn and hot rolled according to seamless steel pipe production process.

Today I will introduce difference between hot rolled steel tube and cold rolled steel tube from following two parts: Applications and Product process.

1.Process Production Difference

Compared with Hot rolled steel tube, cold rolled seamless pipe is relatively more complicated. For cold rolled seamless pipe should carry out three rolling as well as crack test, then cutting the pipe, and then go into the final annealing treatment process. When cold-rolled tube do the annealing treatment, the pipe tube must be pickling and lubricating.During this process, operators need to wear safety equipment. At the same time, they also have to look carefully whether there is a large number of bubbles on the surface of the pipe.If have more bubbles, the quality of the steel don’t meet the relevant requirements.Compared with tedious steps of cold rolled seamless pipe, the hot rolled seamless pipe is much more simply. It only need to do the hot treatment under the hot rolled station.

According to different process, we can result that for seamless tube pipe surface, cold-rolled is more bright and clean than hot-rolled steel pipe.

2.Different Applications

Under the common condition, the hot-rolled steel pipe out diameter size is more than 32mm, wall thickness is from 2.5mm to 75mm. But the cold-rolled steel pipe out diameter size can be reached up 6mm, wall thickness can meet 0.25mm. So cold-rolled steel pipe is more high precision than hot-rolled.Hot-rolled seamless steel pipe divide into general pipe,low and medium pressure boiler pipe, high pressure boiler pipe,alloy steel pipe,stainless steel pipe,oil cracking pipe and others. Cold-rolled pipe not only including hot rolled types but also dividing into carbon thin-walled steel, alloy thin-walled steel, stainless steel thin-walled pipe and shaped steel pipe.

3.Advantages and Disadvantages

For hot rolled steel tube;

1.cheap price and suitable for fluid transportation with large diameter

2.The surface has obvious oxide skin or red rust

3.Large wall thickness tolerance

For cold rolled steel tube;

1.Used for the occasion with high precision

2.Excellent brightness and cleanness(surface or inner pipe)

3.Good mechanical properties(especially improve the seamless tube pipe yield point )

4.No cracks,No scratches,No grooves on the surface

Changzhou Raymond Steel Tube Co.,Ltd is professional in seamless steel pipe.If you have any needs, tell me your needs specifications.


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