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EU's influence on anti-dumping of Chinese seamless steel pipe

Views:74     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-08-11      Origin:Site

With the gradual improvement of the international trade organization, the world's major countries will face different opportunities and challenges, especially after China's reform and opening up, not only in the WTO in 2001, but also continuously improve China's participation in the World Trade Organization. The status of China Today, China has become one of the major trading nations. However, there are also many problems in trade exchanges. China’s products will always encounter anti-dumping measures in various countries. It can be seen that in the international trade exchanges, China's anti-dumping has been at a disadvantage, and it is the country with the largest number of anti-dumping cases in the WTO.

The concept of “dumping” is an act of selling goods in a country to other countries at a price lower than the market price, and then obtaining illegal profits. The essence is a dumping behavior of price discrimination. The concept of "anti-dumping" refers to when exporting products

When the situation of dumping the market occurs, the convenience of import will resist an act of implementing the dumping product. The essence of the implementation of the anti-dumping policy is the imposition of anti-dumping duties, and the concept of “anti-dumping tax” refers to an act of importing countries that determines the dumping of exports of other countries, and then imposes an additional tax on dumped goods, which itself has punitive and boycotts. Sex, this is one of the main reasons for the excessive tax rate.

If we want to improve the development of China's seamless steel pipe industry under the pressure of fierce competition in the export market, the state must quickly identify the factors that hinder economic development, upgrade the industry and realize the economic growth of the enterprise. It can start from the following three aspects: First, The state must develop the enterprise into a fair and reasonable competition mode, and guarantee the laborers' own rights and interests, and eliminate low-cost competition. Second, the state should improve the enterprise structure in time, and merge some small enterprises that are about to be eliminated or backward. , breaking the current situation of “bad money driving out good money”; third, compressing the production capacity of production sources, and then conducting layers of layers to form an innovative economic growth model to promote the sustainable development of science and technology.

If we want to improve the development of China's seamless steel pipe industry under the pressure of fierce competition in the export market, China's steel pipe industry must actively establish an accurate position in the economic market. The standards and treatment of China's economic market have made anti-dumping more flexible and convenient, and have become an export trade protection tool in the WTO rules.

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