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How to measure the standard of alloy steel pipe? What are its characteristics?

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Alloy steel pipes are mainly used in power plants, nuclear power plants, high-pressure boilers, high-temperature superheaters and reheaters and other high-pressure and high-temperature pipelines and equipment. They are made of high-quality carbon steel, alloy structural steel and stainless heat-resistant steel, and are hot rolled (extruded, expanded) or cold rolled (drawn).

Alloy pipe standard

Alloy pipes have hollow sections and are widely used as pipelines for conveying fluids, such as oil, natural gas, gas, water and some solid materials. Compared with solid steel such as round steel, alloy steel pipe has lighter weight when its bending and torsional strength is the same. Alloy steel pipe is a kind of steel with economic cross-section. It is widely used in manufacturing structural and mechanical parts, such as oil drill pipe, automobile transmission shaft, bicycle frame and steel scaffolding used in construction. Manufacturing annular parts with alloy steel tubes can improve material utilization rate, simplify manufacturing process, save material and processing time, such as rolling bearing rings, Jack sleeves, etc. At present, steel tubes have been widely used in manufacturing. Alloy steel pipe is also an indispensable material for all kinds of conventional weapons. Tubes, barrels, etc. are made of steel pipe.

Maximum Advantages of Alloy Steel Pipe

It can be recycled by 100%, which conforms to the national strategy of environmental protection, energy saving and resource saving. The national policy encourages the expansion of the application fields of high pressure alloy tubes. At present, the proportion of alloy pipe consumption in total steel products in our country is only half of that in developed countries. The expansion of the application field of alloy pipe provides a broader space for the development of the industry.  According to the research of expert group of alloy pipe branch of China Steel Association, the demand for long high-pressure alloy pipe in China will increase by 10-12% annually in the future.

Alloy steel pipe material 16-50Mn, 27SiMn, 40Cr, 12-42CrMo, 16Mn, 12Cr1MoV, T91, 30CrMo 15CrMo 20G Cr9Mo 10CrMo910 15Mo3 15CrMoV, 35CrMoV, 45CrMo, 15CrMoG, 12CrMoV, 45Cr, 50Cr, 45CrNiMo, etc.

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cold rolled seamless steel tube


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