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How to prevent the steel tube to appear warped edge

Views: 4     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-05-07      Origin: Site

Due to the strength of the precision steel tube is bigger so that it is used in many fields, but in the grinding, it always had become warped edge that affects the normal use, for that we need to take relevant measures to prevent and avoid a big impact on production.

Firstly seamless precision steel pipe manufacturer is introduced to solve the problem of precision steel tube become warped edge. Under the condition of pipe welding, we shall be appropriately increased surface end reserved length of epoxy powder, it can be prevented because of steel pipe pile up for a long time, pipe metal corrosion caused by severe 3 PE anti corrosive become warped edge.

Secondly When the precision steel pipe is piled up for a long time, it shall be covered at the end of the pipe to prevent the rain from erosion, causing serious corrosion of the pipe end. If the construction period of the pipeline is long, it can be brushed with the anti-rust paint on the bare metal of the pipe end, so as to prevent the precision steel pipe from being warped by corrosion during storage.

Lastly strict control of tube end reserved in weld grinding with high quality and at the weld surface slope outlets as well as other parts of the pipe body, make the epoxy powder reserved length, in order to prevent the welds epoxy powder at the bottom of the first precision steel tubes caused by corrosion become warped edge.

Seamless precision steel pipe manufacturer is introduced at the same time attention that should be paid to the precision of steel tube shows that cross the film in the part of the corrosion resistance is weak in self-excited form pitting corrosion reaction, production of small hole, and close to the chloride ion into strong corrosive solution, accelerate the rate of corrosion, therefore, under a certain level of precision steel tube surface to cleaning and maintenance, it can extend the service life of precision steel tube to be better.

Our changzhou Ray steel tube main products is seamless precision tubes with wide usage. Our factory cover an area of more than 20000 square meters, and more than one hundred employees. Meanwhile we have sophisticated machining equipment, strong technical strength and advanced technology and so on.If you have any questions about steel tube, contact me.


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