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Identify Seamless And Erw Chrome Steel Pip

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1. What are the steps to produce seamless steel pipe?

A stable spherical metal "blank" is heated, pushed or pulled until the steel is formed into a hole tube. Purchase raw steel from domestic or abroad. Raw steel is mainly imported from Europe, the Americas and the Middle East . In some eastern international regions, such as Canada, China's market is yet to be developed.

2. What's the difference between Seamless and REW stainless-steel Pipe?

Seamless tubes require more sophisticated process and production process detection. Seamless pipe is manufactured by extruding the metal to the favored duration. Because, It is necessary to control the time. While seamless pipe does no longer have any joint in its pass-segment thru-out its length.

The Seamless pipe doesn't have any welding or joints and its finished to dimensional and wall thickness specs in size from10 to 65 mm. It can be used for air springs, bearings, cars and so on

Seamless precision tube through complex physical and chemical processes to achieve technical excellence. Seamless precision tubes are more suitable for use in precision devices such as engines. And we are manufacturer from China, with strong strength, the best products and technologies.

ERW pipes are welded longitudinally, may be synthetic up to 24'' outer diameter. ERW pipe cold shaped from a ribbon of metallic pulled via a sequence of rollers and formed into a tube by electric fee.


3.What technologies are used to fabricate Seamless ?

“CPE” technology is the world famed technology, Technology for production of Seamless used for Seamless Pipes & Tubes production as much as 7-inches OD. “Plug Mill” era used for higher Dia. Seamless Pipes & Tubes manufacturing from 7-inches to 14-inches, will be the maximum reliable era and better dia.

4.How to identify the seamless steel pipe and REW stainless steel Pipes?

Determine the purpose of the steel pipe.

If it's far ASTM A53, kind S method seamless.( The type of F is furnace however welded and the type of E is electrical withstand welded.)

It is the easiest way to discover whether pipe is seamless.

Every product shape and production approach has its personal inherent issues and potential defects. Every customers should be familiar with these issues and defects, and the way they may affect specific packaging, which will affect the quality of the use of steel pipes.


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