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Requirements for how to storage steel tube

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Seamless tube has strong sensitivity, good thermal conductivity, and can resist oxidation. It is very suitable for many harsh environments. In order to ensure normal use, there are many strict requirements in storage, which requires us to understand clearly, otherwise it will affect the final quality to use it.

Seamless tube storage:

1. The principle of stacking code introduced by the precision steel pipe factory is that under the conditions of stable stacking and ensuring safety, the types and specifications of pallets should be different. Different types of materials should be palletized separately to prevent confusion and mutual corrosion. Places items that are corrosive to steel pipes nearby. It’s very important for us to know.

2. The bottom should be elevated, firm and flat to prevent the material from being damp or deformed. The same kind of materials are stacked separately according to the order of storage. It is easy to carry out the principle of advanced start-up, open-stacked steel, the following must have wooden mat or stone Slightly tilted surface to facilitate drainage, and pay attention to the material placed straight, to prevent bending deformation. Stacking height, manual operation of not more than 1.2m, mechanical operation of not more than 1.5m, width not exceeding 2.5m. It’s noted for us to notice.

3, There should be a certain channel between pipes and pipes, checking the road is generally O. 5m, access channel is depending on the size of the material and transport machinery, In common size is y 1.5 to 2. Om(8) bottom pad height, if the warehouse is a rising sun cement floor, raise the height O. 1m can be, if it is mud, it must be high. 2~0.5m. If it is an open space, the cement floor mats up to a height of 0.5 to O. 7m. Stacking angles and channel steel in the open air should be laid down, that is, the mouth is facing downwards, and the I-beams should be erected. The I-grooves of the steel pipes cannot be turned upward to prevent the water from rusting.

Our changzhou Ray steel tube main products is seamless precision tubes with wide usage. Our factory cover an area of more than 20000 square meters, and more than one hundred employees. Meanwhile we have sophisticated machining equipment, strong technical strength and advanced technology and so on.If you have any questions about steel tube, contact me.


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