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Seamless Steel Pipe Price

Views: 25     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-11-02      Origin: Site

Whats the affecting factors of seamless steel pipes price? The material , craft, end process treatment. And the political and economic environment.

Material is the most important affecting factor of steel tubes price. The different material such as carbon seamless steel pipes SEA1010, SEA1020, SEA1040, ST35, ST45, E215, E235,   Alloy steel pipes such as 4130 (30Crmo), E355 and St52 (16Mn equal to Q345). Stainless steel tubes such as 304, 304L , 316, 316L and so on have different chemical elements. Which will depends on the price of seamless steel pipes. Except the different material why the same material in different period has different price? Whats the main affecting factor of it? For example the steel pipes have a big change in this year 2017. The raw carbon steel tubes price from about 400USD to 700USD. Which is almost one time increasing. Thats the anther important effect political and economic environment.

Last year the economic is not very good in China. No larger domestic demands and the excess production capacity cause the steel just had the vegetable price.  Not untill this year our national financial allocation is forty-five trillion to invest one road one belt project and our national infrastructure investment. The situation start totally change from excess production capacity to demand exceeds supply. So the raw material going up is understandable. What’s more, Our government becomes more and more strict for protecting environment. Many small and unregulated factories of steel pipes are closed. Which cause the less production capacity of raw material. A thing is valued as it is rare.

The craft of how steel tubes take the shapes also affect the steel pipes price. Cold rolled, cold drawn, hot rolled crafts are totally different. And seamless steel pipes are different with welded seamless steel pipes as well. So the price must be different.

End process treatment containing different delivery condition, end surface treatment such as surface phosphorization, galvanize, copperize and so on. End cutting like as two sides of seamless steel pipes chamfer and cut fixed length.

It is trend of price increasing for steel pipes under this economic and political environment. Not only steel pipes also most of raw materials.



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