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Seamless Steel Pipes for Gas Spring Application

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RAYMOND precision carbon seamless steel pipes are widely used in furniture attachments.

Such as adjustable desk and table, up and down chair, adjustable bed, and cabinet door etc.

Why these furniture need the precision seamless steel pipes? Because there are common parts,gas spring or gas lift in them. And precision seamless steel pipes are main parts of gas springs and gas lifts.

Seamless Steel Pipes.jpg

If we know how the gas spring made it is better to produce the perfect goods as customers required. So how is the gas spring made and working?

Gas spring comprises piston, inner and outer seamless steel tubes, and outside welded steel tubes and other small parts. The inner and outer seamless steel pipes are our main products. They follow the DIN2391 standard or EN-10305-1 standard. When gas spring starts working the piston moves up and down in the inner steel pipes. So the internal wall of seamless steel pipes must be smoothly no any spot and scratch. And the tolerance of inside diameter must get strictly control. And for the outer tubes. The external surface should be chromed. So the outside surface must be smooth and bright. So we should produce the steel pipes by cold rolled craft and delivery in the BK condition. No need heat treatment.

steel pipes.jpg

For the length of steel pipes they are always random. While customers get the long length pipes they will cut them down as the gas spring length requirement. So wasting some end tubes is normal.

It is truth that further knowing the steel pipes application is better to produce them well.

seamless steel tubes


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