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Seamless Steel Tube Specification

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In according to different standards of classification steel pipes can be classified as different types.

As the different specifications steel pipes can be classified to small diameter steel tubes and big diameter steel tubes. Thin thickness wall and thick thickness wall steel pipes.

As the different shapes steel tubes can be classified to round steel tubes, ovality of steel tubes, eccentricity of steel tubes.

As the different materials steel pipes can be classified to carbon steel pipes, alloy steel pipes, stainless steel pipes.

As the different production crafts steel pipes are divided to cold rolled seamless steel pipes, cold drawn seamless steel pipes, hot rolled seamless steel pipes, welded steel pipes.

Anyway there are other standards of classification for various of seamless steel tubes.

Firstly we’d like to tell the details of steel pipes specifications.


Table 1: Round Seamless Steel Tubes for Small Outside Diameter.

Round of steel tubes.jpg

Above table is our main sizes of steel pipes. Besides the outside diameter and wall thickness we will know the inner diameter. The formula is ID= OD-2*WT. The unit of sizes is millimeter and if it is inch the conversion is 25.4. For example if the outside diameter is 1 inch. It is equal to 25.4mm.

Out of the specification sheet there is another important data. It is tolerance. It depends on the how precision the steel pipes are. In general the tolerance of our cold rolled seamless steel pipe OD is 0 to +0.05mm or -0.05-0mm. Cold drawn steel pipe is ±0.01mm in normal.


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