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The differences of welded pipe and seamless steel pipe

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1. The molding process of the tube :

① Welded pipe is cut from steel strip to narrow steel strip, and then wrapped into tube with die cold processing. And then a special welding seam welded pipe. The outer welds are polished. The internal burr of the ordinary welded pipe is not hit. Only the precision welded pipe can make the internal burr.

② Seamless steel pipe is a cylindrical steel ingot hot pull into pipe, so see no weld. The pressure is larger than the welded pipe. 

2. the use of steel tube:

1, water pipe is generally adopts welded steel pipe conveying fluid and gas, when called, because under certain pressure, so the tube wall is thick.

2, the wire tube is the thin-walled tube for the wire. There was only a standard at that time, no one was producing it. In fact, in 80s and 90s, the gas pipe was used.     

3, tin pipe is galvanized welded steel pipe. Both inside and outside are galvanized to deliver tap water. Let's get the electrical one on the line. Generally, the wall of the tube is thin. It's bad on the market now. The bend has a big angle to burst.   

Three, anti-corrosion pipe:

Seamless steel pipe: seamless steel pipe steel pipe joints refers to the surface made from a piece of metal. According to the production method, it can be divided into hot rolling tube, cold rolling tube, cold drawing tube and extruding tube. According to the shape of the section, it can be divided into two kinds of circular and heteromorphic. The maximum diameter of the seamless tube is 650 millimeters (expanding tube) and the minimum diameter is 0.3 millimeters. According to the thickness, it can be divided into thick wall tube and thin wall tube. The seamless tube is mainly used for oil geological exploration pipe, petrochemical pipe, boiler tube, bearing tube, automobile and high precision steel pipe for aviation.   

Welded steel pipe: welded steel pipe is the bending deformation of circular, square shape after welded, surface jointed steel pipe or steel plate. According to different welding methods can be divided into arc welding, high frequency or low frequency electric resistance welded pipe, gas pipe, furnace pipe, Bondi tube etc.. According to the shape of the weld, it can be divided into the straight welded pipe and the spiral welded pipe. The welded steel pipe is used for oil drilling and mechanical, manufacturing and so on. The furnace can be used as water gas pipe and so on. The large diameter straight seam welded pipe is used for high pressure oil and gas transportation, etc. the spiral welded pipe is used for oil and gas transportation, pipe pile, bridge pier and so on. The cost of the welded pipe is lower than that of the seamless steel pipe, and the production efficiency is high.

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