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What are the signs of the steel tube?

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When we buy seamless steel tubes, there are always signs and symbols on the surface and surface of seamless steel tubes. What do these signs mean? Are the steel tube signs of different material processes different? Today, Raymond precision seamless steel pipe will explain the meaning of these signs to you.

1. The steel pipe with an outer diameter not less than 36mm should start at the end of the end of the steel tube not less than 200mm, and the steel tube with an outer diameter less than 36mm can not be marked by the root.

2. The welded pipe of low pressure fluid and galvanized steel pipe, wire sleeve, electric welding pipe for general purpose, welded steel pipe with special-shaped section, and complicated cross section seamless steel pipe.


3. Signs of alloy steel pipes should be marked with furnace numbers and batch numbers after the grades of steel.


4. The pipe joints of geological and petroleum steel pipes shall be marked with steel grades (steel grade).


5. The threaded steel pipe with left thread should be printed with the word "left" after the standard number or the English letter "L".


6. The bundled steel tubes should be labeled (not less than 2 labels or tag). Each piece of steel can be labeled with 1 labels or tag. The label or tag shall include at least the following contents: the name or trademark of the manufacturer, the standard number of the product, the brand of the steel, the specification of the product, the number of the furnace (except for the chemical composition of the product standard), the batch number, the weight (or the number of roots), and the date of manufacture.


7. Container and steel pipe fittings. 1 labels or tag should be attached to the container. On the outer end of the container. 1 labels or hanging cards should also be attached. The contents of labels or tag should conform to the requirements of steel pipe signs.

Above are some signs that steel pipes often appear. The steel pipes produced by Changzhou Raymond precision steel pipe company are in strict accordance with the standards. The marking of steel pipe not only helps customers distinguish the material and size of steel pipe, but also urges manufacturers to standardize production. Raymond has been focused on making high-quality cold drawn cold rolled seamless steel tubes.


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