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What’s normalization treatment

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What’s normalization treatment? It is also called NBK. It is one kind of heat treatment to get over stress of steel. It  heats the goods under more than 30-50℃ with Ac3 or Accm. Keep the temperature some time, and cool the metal by air, sprinkle, spray or in a draught. The different between normalization treatment from annealing is the cooling speed, normalization treatment is much faster than annealing. So the organization of normalization treatment is finer, and the mechanical property can be improved (we also called the mechanical property is better.) In additional, cool out of normalizing furnace which will improve the production efficiency. So in our production, normalization treatment will replace heat treatment as soon as possible.

What is the application for normalization treatment?

1. It can be used for low carbon steel. There is no harm that will come to the material. After the normalization treatment, the hardness will harder and toughness will be better. It can also become the preheating treatment before cutting and whittling.

2. It can be used for medium carbon steel. It can replace modulation processing as the last heat treatment. It also become inductive heating methods for the pretreatment of surface hardening.

3. It can be also used for tool steel, bearing steel and carburization steel. It will reduce or control the formation of carbide networks. Then get a good organization for Spheroidizing Annealing.

4. It can be applied to cast steel, then refine as-cast microstructure and improve the machinability.

5. It applies to large-scale forging. Can become the last heat to avoid most cracking tendency from hardening.

6. It be appropriate for cast iron, improve the hardness, strength and abrasion resistance. Such as produce crank, connecting rod and other main parts of automobile, truck, diesel.

7. It is suitable before Spheroidizing Annealing of hypereutectoid steels, as will remove the retiform of secondary cementite. Then ensure that cementite become spheres totally when Spheroidizing Annealing.

  Normalization isn't just less expensive than annealing, it makes harder and stronger metal than the annealing process does.

Our RAY Steel tube can provide different delivery condition, except NBK, we also provide BK, BKW, BKS and GBK. We have more than 16 years manufacturing experience as established in 2002.


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